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Banknote of the Year 2022

Did you know that there is a special prize for the tickets with the best designs?

That's right, the International Banknote Society (IBNS) annually awards the “Banknote of the Year Award”. New banknote designs are launched annually, and in this latest edition (2022) there were 19 banknotes that participated in the contest.

This year's prize went to the 1,000 Sanlibong Piso banknote (Philippine Peso), which is printed on polymer. On the front face there is a Philippine Eagle, which is in danger of extinction, as well as a characteristic holographic band that includes the "Sampaguita" (Jasminum sambac). Both are national symbols of the Philippines. The reverse maintains the same design as the previous issue of 1,000 Sanlibong Piso, presenting the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, which has been declared a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. There is also a map of the Philippines and a pearl from the South Sea.

Other participants include:

  • Northern Ireland 50 pound bill

  • Scotland's 100 pound note

  • Algeria’s 2000 Dinar banknote

  • Barbados 50 Dollar banknote

  • Egypt’s 10 Pound banknote

In 2022 alone, around 100 new banknotes were presented worldwide. It should be noted that polymer banknotes have won the main prizes in recent years. The finalist banknotes are true works of art and contribute to promoting culture on characteristic elements of each nation. #IRVEAntiques #Banknotes #HistoricalBonds #BanknoteOfTheYear